Battle of the Bands

30 July 2010 by , Comments Off on Battle of the Bands

Presented by 107 Spark FM & eauzone Bar/Restaurant

As part of 107 Spark FM’s Local Music Guarantee, Racheal Devine (Head of Local Music), Owen Lonergan (Programme Controller) and a wealth of other important faces kindly organised a Battle of the Bands style event.

The main aim of the evening was to promote Local Music. I was honoured to be selected as “M.C.” for the evening. What an experience it was. I knew I was mad, but those fantastic musicians where in a totally different class. As a past-time saxophonist, it was inspiring to see a such a wide variety of musical talent in the North East. First up on stage was the brave Daniel Vs. The World, who presented a sparkling set. His fun and peaceful personality shone through his performance. Other local acts who took to the stage included the energetically renowned pop punkers, INK, the quirky rainfalldown, The Flytes, Sunderland’s funky Red Light Trio and the event’s lucky winners, Edge of Autumn.

For more information check out the University of Sunderland’s Press Release, ‘Let battle commence’: http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/newsevents/news/news/index.php?nid=927

I’d like to send a warm thank you to Rachael and the team for organising the event and giving me the opportunity to have a bit of fun. Also my thanks go to the girls & guys at eauzone Bar/Restaurant for supporting Sunderland’s local music scene and 107 Spark FM.

Monday 31st May 2010

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