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Feel Contrapunto

1 December 2011 by , Comments Off on Feel Contrapunto

Contrapunto is a new and upcoming film production group which was formed in the Tyne and Wear region of the United Kingdom in September 2011. The group is formed of talented creative individuals, some of whom hold links to the wider European community.

Conscious Leap

31 January 2011 by , No Comments

MAC 279 – University of Sunderland A word from the Director, Jonny Scrafton: We chose this particular script as we made a real connection with the emotional journey and narrative at the heart of this piece. Essentially, our film deals with the choices we make in our lives and the effect these choices have, not […]

Riddles In The Dark

6 July 2010 by , Comments Off on Riddles In The Dark

The First Major Production Project Planted in October 2009, this production was the first major project I had taken part in.  It was specifically for a team driven module, relating to my degree work at the University of Sunderland (MAC 126). With our seed sown, the bloom of our flower started to take shape.

Mystery Jets – Young Hearts Music Video

5 July 2010 by , Comments Off on Mystery Jets – Young Hearts Music Video

What a GY Journey Half way through our A2 Media group production; a Television advertising campaign for scrummy Malteasers we realised our hearts were elsewhere.