Death – Adding a Sparkle of Creativity

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This coming week is Dying Matters Awareness Week (13th-19th May 2013). Dying Matters are an initiative run by the National Council for Palliative Care, who are raising awareness of dying, death and bereavement through the notion of ‘let’s talk about it’. Of course, it’s not that easy just to, well flick a few fingers and change, in my opinion current “old school” perspectives surrounding the dying process – but surely us, as individuals and as a society could prepare more for what is inevitable?

Dying Matters

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2013

At the very cusp of last year, into 2013 many family and friends lost a truly wonderful lady – my Granny.

After a few months into my grieving process, on a cloudy, random day, in the middle of bustling high street, I paused – food shopping in hand. Out of the blue, unanswered questions fell onto my lap. The grieving process is a very individual and unique chapter we all (if we chose to – and we should) may have to experience – isn’t Death and Dying just part of the Circle of Life? Questions on how creativity could assist at this time in our lives poured down a niggleing nerve.

Today I would like to share with you a piece I created, secondarily for a recent competition – CBBC’s Blue Peter Presenter Search 2013. Though, primarily, my heart told me I just needed to make this – I guess it was my own way of channeling some ‘creativeness’ at this point in my life’s journey. After being with and speaking to people who have experienced similar journeys – of losing a close one, I believe this is a really deep and emotional area, which requires us to widen our awareness of how we can better deal with Death.

I’m really feeling and thinking seriously about spinning this off and creating a series all touching upon similar topics. I’d love to hear what it makes you feel and any comments, suggestion you may have for the series. Maybe you feel there is something you could bring to the project? Don’t be shy – pop me a message.

I would not have completed this without the beautiful help and support of these great peeps – please Google or check them out online – they are all very talented and upcoming in their specific fields:
Ruth Fahy – @RuthFahy
Elisabeth King
Caitlin Varley – @CakeVarley
Cian O Sullivan – His blog has been so helpful – @CianSOSullivan
Amy Pearson
Marie Ferrie
Rob Carr – @Robert_Carr1
Edward Tuite – @edtuite
Shelly – My very knowledgeable, forward thinking and inspirational Mum

Mucho positive thoughts to each and everyone of you.
Namaste =)

Update – Friday 24th May 2013
All the very best to everyone at Dying Matters for this:

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