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22 September 2011 by , Comments Off on Lives Online

It’s been one busy summer. Part of my work over the holidays has taken shape by getting involved in one of my University’s marketing campaigns. Now going into it’s second year, The Lives Online project is an industry awarding winning campaign which aims to provide an insight into a students life at the University of Sunderland and whilst living in the City of Sunderland.

I’ll be doing bits and bobs by creating videos & audio, taking pictures and blogging about my life throughout September, all the way through to July next year. I am so passionate about my course and current life, that I am so honoured to be part of a project which I am sure will ultimately help a number of people make up their minds about Higher Education. We live in a society where making the right decisions is so important. Sometimes there can be too much information out there.

It’s a chance for prospective students looking to come to the University of Sunderland to get an extra layer of information and advice about what the University and the city offers. I look forward to revealing my “life changing’ stories and hope I aid people in some way, big or small, in making their decisions through my blog.

For more information about the Lives Online team I am apart of check out http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk.

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