Good Weekend Festival 2011

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That’s right, another first for me – taking part in a camping music festival! Morning’s aren’t my particular favourite item in the world, let alone Friday mornings! However (a big however, one of which I have had to come to terms with), being a mediay person, you have to stretch your legs a mile, extend your ears to […]

Spark Sunderland Summer 2011

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This summer, Spark Sunderland (107 Spark FM, Spark TV & Spark Online) will be covering a multitude of local and regional events focused around the City of Sunderland. Spark Sunderland will be covering events in a variety of ways; interviews on the radio, TV packages an reviews published online. As part of the promotion of […]

Oh My God

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Written by Laura Milbourne What happens when you move on to Heaven and meet Saint Peter – ‘the keeper of the keys to the kingdom’… Cast: Adam – Stephen Caine Peter – Josh Coles God – Chris Stafford Directed & Produced by Laura Milbourne & Stephen Caine

107 Spark FM: A Story Of Success At The SRA’s

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107 Spark FM has been honoured at the I Love Student Radio Awards. Station Manager Lee Sevenoaks was named Best Station Manager of the Year, after votes from Spark volunteers. Sunderland University graduate Kyle Wilkinson won for Volunteer of the Year. The entire station built up of volunteers also won the Community Spirit Award for […]

The Rise of Spark

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Produced by Laura Milbourne & Steven Caine It’s been over a year since 107 Spark FM went live to the North East, and it’s been broadcasting 24/7 ever since. This documentary charts its history, its conception and creation and the key players involved. This is The Rise of Spark. Interviewees (in order of appearance): Josh […]

Where next for Radio? – The Revolution

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What does it mean to be local? How much does music rely on me? In what way am I embracing new technologies. Who am I becoming? Find out where the Radio industry has come from and is now considering heading to in this insightful documentary. Produced by: Josh Coles, Karl Smith & Michael Waine For […]

The Weekly Fix – 11th March 2011

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The Weekly Fix is Spark TV’s latest programme. Streaming online at www.sparksunderland.com; it’s the show where you will find all the news about Sunderland, all in one place. If you have a story, get in touch – News @ Spark. Catch The Weekly Fix Live every Friday @ 6pm.


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Wasteland Written by Conor O’Neill Give radio drama a half bottle of vodka, a bag full of drugs, then send it to a house party and you have “wasteland”. Wasteland is a new age radio drama about a group of young teens and there amazing journey through university. Written and Produced by university student’s; Wasteland […]

Conscious Leap

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MAC 279 – University of Sunderland A word from the Director, Jonny Scrafton: We chose this particular script as we made a real connection with the emotional journey and narrative at the heart of this piece. Essentially, our film deals with the choices we make in our lives and the effect these choices have, not […]

The Question Room

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The aim of this programme was to provide a voice for young people living in Sunderland and the surronding areas. This show was produced as a one-off pilot to measure the production’s requirements and wider socio-community values required to maintain a monthly episode release. Contrapunto presents… ‘Alcohol, Drugs & Crime’ Panel Steve Thursby – Local Deputy […]