REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty – Birmingham Royal Ballet

27 July 2010 by , Comments Off on REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty – Birmingham Royal Ballet


What more would you expect? I was completed amazed at the sheer quality of this production. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting nothing less. Costumes; vibrant and colourful. Music; emotive and three dimensional. Dancing; spectacular and out of this world.

Despite this nearly perfect view and it being my first ballet I feel I will never overcome the one mountain some people have to face. Sleep. Okay, sure enough I was tired anyway. I wanted to appreciate this fine piece of art to it’s maximum ability however the two hour, fifty five minute performance, with a wealth of short breaks, made me feel surprisingly lethargic. A cheeky slide down of the eyelid was uncommon but it did happen.

Piece of art such as these really are a slice of culture in their own right. Even if you have never seen a ballet or feel it won’t be your cup of tea, don’t let it stop you going along. For more information about Birmingham Royal Ballet: www.brb.org.uk

Sunderland Empire Theatre
17th March 2010
Dee Wold & Josh Coles reporting for 107 Spark FM News

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