Sunderland LIVE: Sunniside Gardens

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Sunniside Gardens

Jack Critchley reviews:
The Park Lane stage may have housed bands such as The Little Comets and The Whip, however the other stage which was located outside Eauzone in Sunniside offered an equal portion of Musical Prowess. Families gathered, the crowds lounged in the midday sun and enjoyed a smorgasbord of entertainment laid on by Sunderland Council.

Sunderland LIVE: Feed the Bears & Jordan

Sunderland LIVE: Feed the Bear & Jordan North

Face painting was available which meant you couldn’t move a few yards without seeing a tiger, a clown or even a pirate. There were drinks flowing, food being consumed and of course the best in live music on the stage.

Beginning proceedings were Feed the Bear, zeppelin-esque rock which was livelier than frog in a sock. Showcasing the energy of young child tanked up on colourful sweets frontman Steve darted around the stage to produce an eye-catching performance.

With the crowd left breathless, the antithesis arrived on stage, the Source Unplugged provided the crowd with a laid back acoustic set treating the audience to a selection of Paul Weller inspired tracks. Something different which provoked a positive reaction from the audience whilst sinking their drinks and basking in the Summertime weather.

This free event continued to attract the crowds, the surrounding quickly becoming saturated by people of all ages and the cash registers of the local bars ringing as they filled with the punters money.

A cover band were next to take to the stage, offering a range of popular and well-known cover songs including ‘Take Me To The River’, swaying and singing along ensued creating an almost campfire environment to the festival. No campfire was needed due to the glorious weather which the North East was lucky enough to receive.

The final act to take to the stage was ‘Six Nowt’ who entertained the crowd late into the afternoon. A Rock band who also seemed to be partial to few covers also. A rapturous reception greeted the end of their set and provided the perfect closure to this wonderful event. The area remained a hive of activity for the next few hours with the audience enjoying some drinks and discussing the days events.

Interviews by Josh Coles with the Bands featured on this stage plus the organisers of Sunderland LIVE are available below.

For information about the Sunderland Fringe Music Festival check out: www.sunderlandevents.com

Our very own, Josh Coles decided to get involved in the fun too!

Sunderland LIVE: Clown - Before

Sunderland LIVE: Clown - Before

Sunderland LIVE: Clown - After

Sunderland LIVE: Clown - After

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