The Question Room

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The aim of this programme was to provide a voice for young people living in Sunderland and the surronding areas. This show was produced as a one-off pilot to measure the production’s requirements and wider socio-community values required to maintain a monthly episode release.

Contrapunto presents…
‘Alcohol, Drugs & Crime’

Steve Thursby – Local Deputy Headteacher
Andrew Tinkler – Community Youth Worker
Lisa Remmer – Pagan Chaplin
Kevin Harrison – Student

Production Team
Eddie Jacksons Ojungu – Executive Prodcuer
Josh Rafé Coles – Presenter & Producer
Arto Polus – Director
Jessica Neyland – Audience Producer
Tom Waite – Researcher
Racehl Connolly – Vision Mixer
Michael Waine – Graphics
Colin Young – Sound
Jonny Scrafton – Floor Manager
Jenny Rountree – Camera Operator
Jay Sykes – Camera Operator
Matt Smith – Camera Operator
Cian O’Sullivan – Boom Operator

Recorded at The Media Centre, University of Sunderland on Saturday 30th October 2011.

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