We See, We Want

27 July 2010 by , Comments Off on We See, We Want

How far would you go for Fame?

X FactorBritain’s Got Talent, Over the Rainbow and I’d Do Anything are all examples of your ticket to stardom, right?

With television shows such as those above and many more around the world reporting phenomenal audience figures, can we really agree that this method of talent scouting is sustainable for the Thespian world?

We have all heard of the common augments for and against reality TV; the money, instant fame, blah blah blah. Hold ye horses though! Let’s add another dimension to this. How is this instant gratification (so to speak) affecting the quality of our arts? Sheila Pascall, Theatre Director adds her observations and predictions for the future in this short investigative package.

A huge thanks to Sheila Pascall and those interviewed for sparing the time to take part. A special thanks to Hannah Wilson for her advice and support.

February 2010 – May 2010
Broadcast on 107 Spark FMThursday 27th May 2010

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