Where next for Radio? – The Revolution

26 March 2011 by , Comments Off on Where next for Radio? – The Revolution

What does it mean to be local? How much does music rely on me? In what way am I embracing new technologies. Who am I becoming?
Find out where the Radio industry has come from and is now considering heading to in this insightful documentary.

Produced by:
Josh Coles, Karl Smith & Michael Waine

For UoS Assessment Purposes:
Cue Sheet:
Station: BBC Radio 4
TX: 3:15pm
Duration: 13m 18s
Now on BBC Radio 4, an insight into the future of radio; informed by prominent academics and members of the industry.
That was Where next for Radio? – The Revolution. It was kindly produced by Josh Coles, Karl Smith and Michael Waine. To find out more information and to hear the interviews in full, navigate to the BBC Radio 4 website.

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